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ChekFaxx Versions

ChekFaxx™ is available in three versions, depending on the size and needs of your organization. Purchase the version that is best for you. 

ChekFaxx™ Standard - $99.00     

System Features:
Check processing
Printer features
Database Editor
Archive checks
Search list
Check Viewer
System Minimizer
Unlimited Clients (Payors)
Number of vendors - three


ChekFaxx™ Executive - $159.00     

All features in Standard, plus:   
Password protected
Management reports feature
Schedule Checks for Future Payments
Unlimited Clients (Payors)
Number of vendors - three
Search list
Check Viewer
System Minimizer
Unlimited Clients (Payors)
Number of vendors - three


ChekFaxx™ Corporate - $259.00      

All features in Standard and Executive, plus: 

Unlimited vendors! (Payees)
Unlimited Clients (Payors)
Designed for large database of check information to be imported into ChekFaxx™ System and to use the ChekFaxx™ System for printing out of all check drafts.
ASCII import feature
Enter in the Pay to Order Line up to the first 8 characters and the Vendor name will appear or search in alphabetical order on the Vendor Pull-down screen
No need to purchase preprinted checks to pay your bills. The check to be issued will fit in a normal double dual view Envelope. Fits in Columbian CO165 Form Envelope. No need for custom envelopes
Check menu
Recall last 100 checks entered
Account assignment


Net Work Version for Paper Drafts or ACH Version. Includes all Features of the Corporate Version plus two work stations.

Only $395.00

Additional work stations in excess of two are $125.00
per work station.

EFT-ACH Corporate
- $295.00 Application Fee   

All features in ChekFaxx Corporate, plus: 

Get Paid Electronically!
Debit Customers Bank Accounts Electronically!
Subject to Bank Approval


ChekFaxx™ Blank Checks & Toner       

ChekFaxx Software Screen Shots!!

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